The Archivist - Oneshi Press #5 Cover wrap (published)

Cover file with font added by Oneshi Press

Cover file with font added by Oneshi Press

2018, pen, ink, and acrylic on watercolor paper (Published cover)

Wrap around cover for Oneshi Press's quarterly anthology #5
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For this piece, the art director had seen some of my mechanical drawings from other projects of mine, and wanted something along those lines. Was given a very open creative window to play in, and my initial sketches were right up the publisher's alley. Only requirement I was limited to was incorporating their company logo somewhere within the piece. I chose to add that as part of the open 'heart' pretty much centered on the cover.
Included the full wrap around art with added text and graphics by the publisher as well. They did some clipping of it afterwards as they liked the fit for the back with more of the elaborate headpiece on it.

May 11, 2021